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NTS3 CNC Last Turning Machine

The Veansan NTS3 CNC last turning machine is designed with a touch screen to operate conveniently and with ease. It can be used to process lasts made from various materials such as polyethylene and aluminum. The machine is capable of producing three pairs of lasts at the same time, which is quite efficient.

Dimension 2700mm(L)*1900mm(W)*2550mm(H)
Processing speed 75 rpm
Processing length 50mm - 380mm
Actual power consumption 12KW--16.8KW
Workstation 6 (three pairs)
Size range ±5 size
System version
File format support STL IGS MOD NC

1. NTS3 CNC last turning machine carves the front part of shoe last directly and precisely without polishing.

2. Adoption of the DOM electronic disk for the system storage carrier provides increased stability compared to traditional hard disks. It has an advanced fault processing system to ensure the security of the data.

3. Three sets of cutting heads and six stations are available, which are able to produce three pairs of lasts at the same time.

4. The fine processing has no belt and each high speed servo motor controls a cutting shaft to guarantee neat and smooth lines.

5. Accurate profiling and high precision.

6. Equipped with robotic arms for optimal efficiency and precision.

VEANSAN is a reputable CNC shoe machine designer, CNC last turning machine manufacturer since 1985, we are contributed to the shoe making industry. There are wood, plastic and aluminum shoe last made by the CNC last turning machine. To make quality shoe last, we use CNC milling and turning machines to ensure precision. We can provide design sketch to the final footwear product as well as custom solutions.

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