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CNC Turning Machine

Our CNC turning machines are numerically controlled to polish shoe lasts and clothes hangers depending on the model. These processes are carried out in a highly efficient manner and reduce time and cost consumption with their simple operation.

    1. VDS2-Z CNC Last Turning Machine
    2. VDS2-Z CNC Last Turning MachineThe VDS2-Z CNC last turning machine features two cutting heads and four stations, which are able to produce two pairs of lasts simultaneously. A direct connection design of a high speed servo motor and straight cutter shaft has been adopted to ensure each servo drive can control a knife shaft.
    1. NTS2 CNC Last Turning Machine
    2. NTS2 CNC Last Turning MachineThe NTS2 CNC last turning machine features two sets of cutting heads, one cutting head operates for rough machining (30 seconds) and the other cutting head performs fine processing. The whole process can be completed within 4 minutes.
    1. NTS3 CNC Last Turning Machine
    2. NTS3 CNC Last Turning MachineThe Veansan NTS3 CNC last turning machine is designed with a touch screen to operate conveniently and with ease. It can be used to process lasts made from various materials such as polyethylene and aluminum.
    1. Clothes Hanger CNC Turning Machine
    2. Clothes Hanger CNC Turning MachineThe Veansan clothes hanger CNC turning machine can produce two wooden clothes hangers at the same time. Adoption of a computer control system enables the machine to accurately clone complex clothes hangers, and finish the imitation with one step.

VEANSAN is a reliable CNC shoe machine designer, CNC turning machine manufacturer since 1985, we are contributed to the shoe making industry and make quality shoe last for shoemakers. There are wood, plastic and aluminum shoe last made by the CNC turning machine, these custom last making machines are well suitable for last modelling. To make quality shoe last, we use CNC milling and turning machines to ensure precision. We can provide design sketch to the final shoe product as well as custom solutions, with mission to provide quality footwear machines in client needs.

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