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Auxiliary Shoe Last Machine

In addition to our shoe last processing equipment, we also manufacture auxiliary shoe last machines such as our shoe last gluing machines and shoe last cutter grinding machines. These are designed to perform the final touches on shoe last production as well as for repairs on shoe lasts.

    1. Shoe Last Gluing Machine
    2. Shoe Last Gluing MachineThe shoe last gluing machine YS-021 is specially designed for repairing damaged or worn shoe last products.
    1. Shoe Last Cutter Grinding Machine
    2. Shoe Last Cutter Grinding MachineThe shoe last cutter grinding machine YS-011 is primarily utilized for cutter sharpening processes. Press the automatic operation switch and the grinding machine will operate and stop automatically until the sharpening process is finished.

VEANSAN is a reliable CNC shoe machine designer, shoe last making machine manufacturer since 1985. There are wood, plastic and aluminum shoe last made by the CNC milling and turning machine. To make quality shoe last and footwear machines, we use CNC milling and turning machines to ensure precision. We can provide design sketch to the final shoe product as well as custom solutions in client demands.

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