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3D Foot Scanner

The 3D foot scanner scans the foot for dimensional analysis, allowing for custom shoe last modeling.

Model OPFO-02
Dimension 2500px(L)*2500px(W)*625px(H)
Arm length 2000px The motion arm is 80 cm long.
Precision Foot 0.1mm

1. 3D foot scanner can scan the foot type under a stressed state.

2. The three-dimensional contour of the foot plate can be totally scanned.

3. The footprints can be scanned at the same time to make insoles.

4. STL can be output without additional software.

5. With better precision, foot details will have better reduction.

6. The stability is better and the scanning process is more comfortable.

VEANSAN is a recognized CNC shoe machine designer, 3D foot scanner manufacturer since 1985. We offer custom last making machines are well suitable for last modelling. To make quality shoe last, we use the 3D scanner for precision measurement and use CNC milling turning machines for precision processing. We can provide design sketch to the final shoe product as well as custom solutions, with mission to provide quality CNC footwear machines in client needs.

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