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Last 3D Scanner

Veansan 3D scanners for shoe lasts and feet are high precision units that remove the guesswork form the shoe last design and manufacturing process. Simply scan the shoe last or foot of your subject and then the data is automatically displayed on the computer. This data can then be used to create new lasts or begin the shoe design process.

    1. Shoe Last 3D Scanner
    2. Shoe Last 3D ScannerThe shoe last 3D scanner can accurately scan the size of the shoe last and record it on computer. The data can then be used to create new lasts or design new shoes from scratch. The Shoe last 3D scanner features high resolution camera.
    1. 3D Foot Scanner
    2. 3D Foot ScannerThe 3D foot scanner scans the foot for dimensional analysis, allowing for custom shoe last modeling. 3D foot scanner can scan the foot type under a stressed state. The three-dimensional contour of the foot plate can be totally scanned.

VEANSAN is a reliable CNC shoe machine designer, last 3D scanner manufacturer since 1985, we are contributed to make quality shoe last for shoemakers. There are wood, plastic and aluminum shoe last made by CNC machines. To make quality shoe last, we use the 3D scanner to ensure precision measurement. We can provide design sketch to the final shoe product as well as custom shoemaking solutions.

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