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Aluminum Last Making Solution

Application of aluminum last production
Aluminum shoe lasts are traditionally made according to sand casting and manual polishing processes, which is time consuming and extremely inefficient. The cost can be prohibitive as the laborious process is expensive.

With adoption of the YS-203C-AI numeric copying aluminum last processing machine, two pairs of aluminum last can be made within 15 minutes. The precision is vastly superior to that of manual polishing. The final 7% thimble pin position is polished manually.

Advantages of machine processing
1. Convenient operation: scan the shoe last, clamp the blank, select the yard number and leave the rest to the machine.
2. High speed: two pairs aluminum last can be made within 15 minutes.
3. Cost saving: 1 last turning machine can replace 4 workers.
4. High accuracy: machine processing is better than sand casting and manual polishing.

Configuration scheme:
A: One last turning machine with inner scanner can finish processing of aluminum last.
B: Independent scanner with multiple last turning machines will be more efficient to scan and process at the same time.

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