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Custom Last Making Solution
V-Last Shoe Last Design Software

V-Last shoe last design software use 3D scanner to translate mold last into 3D data, then it will recognize, correct and measure the data. According to the requirement, the software will modify the last. After that, the last will add front and rear fixture and the Shoe Energy will transfer the design data to your manufacturing centre. With function of providing toe template and heel template, it is convenient for polishing later.

Correcting shoe last

With balanced bottom on both side, proper flare angle and a straight center line, finished shoes will not press any pressure on the foot, which is more steady and comfortable. And the process takes less than 10 minutes.

1. Balance on both sides of the bottom
Both sides of center line, and last ball break point are balanced with a 0.1mm tolerance, which makes sure steadiness of the shoes.
Automatically adjusting balance between left and right side on bottom by one click.
(Automatically adjust the height of both sides and the surrounding of ball point for their balance with a tolerance of 0.1mm)

2. Flare Angle modification
Everyone's flare angle is different. For the same 36 yards shoes, some people think it is suitable while others think not.
How to modify the angle?
By polishing step by step? Does it accurate?
That's how we do: fast and accurate.
Directly input the foot type angle without tedious modification.

3. Three points and one line (3.1)
" 3.1" means that the vamp point, heel point and toe point are displayed on the same line.
(Adjust the flare angle according to that of the mold)

If the 3.1 failed, the shoes will take away your balance when walking.
(3.1 means that heel centerpoint, vamp point and toe point are in the same line. )

Detecting whether a straight line is realized with one clicking.
The software will remind you to correct automatically if there exists problems.
A perfect shoe last can be produced according to process mentioned before within only 10 minutes.
(A perfect shoe last, without curved line and twisting, can be produced within only 10 minutes.)

Custom Shoe Last Design

How to develop customized shoe last fast
Related files on yards, heels and girths among V-Last database will be extracted according to customer's request. Because other sections of shoe last have already been modified, only minor modification for throat opening are needed according to the angle of the customer's foot type.

Adjust flare angle according to the angle of the foot mold.
It usually takes three days to develop a shoe last and after that, constant test towards whether there are any problems with finished shoes that will be delivered. However, how many changes will be carried out are still depended on the shoe last teacher's own feelings.

V-last software only takes an hour to develop a shoe last, and the data can prove everything.

Replace Shoe Last Front Part
  • Step 1: select a shoe last that needs to be replaced. Scan it and input its data into the V-LAST software.

  • Step 2: scan the front part needs replacing or select in your own database.

  • Step 3: paste the shoe last and the front part together.

Only 5 minutes, the process has done.

Shoe Last Database with Different Heel Height

Magic exchange software can convert a fitted shoe heel height to other lasts with different heel heights;

Through the software, a standard database will be generated on the back of shoe lasts;

The front part will automatic low on the condition that the back part becomes higher. Each process will form a new shoe last. Thus, one sample shoe last can produce shoe lasts with different heels.

Smart Shoe Size Selection

Front end (scanner)
1. Intelligent selection of yards (adopting AI algorithm which automatically modify the internal algorithm continuously to make the selection of yards more and more accurate.)
a. A suitable yards will be extracted according to scanning last type by 3D scanner lasts, adjusting by V-last and matching by Shoe Energy.
b. A suitable yards will be extracted according to foot type scanning by OPFO-02, measuring by V-match, matching by Shoe Energy.
(Selecting steps: adjust the size of shoe last into 45 different type codes, convert foot type data into the last data and select the most appropriate shoe)

2. Heel height conversion (using Magic exchange software to produce shoe lasts with different heels.)

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