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Guidance and initial consultation
Our professional guidance will save you time and money from the very beginning. Our technician swill provide suggestions on manipulation and maintenance experience of shoe last machines in the early stage of guidance and counseling. This can prolong the life of the machine and guarantee your investment is well worth it.

Training – with core technology
Veansan is a reliable and professional partner who can solve all kinds of problems that may arise in the development of shoe lasts. We can satisfy all your needs such as shoe last machine operation, training on shoe last design, and production of complex shoe lasts. Our shoe last expert designers can provide training on the use of design software.

Upgrading – targeted improve value and productivity
We will help you improve the productivity and value of the machine whether you choose to upgrade the new system or adopt the latest software or the most advanced control technology. With abundant experience, we are ready to provide consultation for any issues at any time. Our technicians will provide the best configuration proposal or complete the service task according to your needs and requirements in a timely manner.

Foshan Veansan Intellegent Technology Ltd.

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